Until very recently Livia Vye had never taken a nude photo of herself. In this, her first erotic film, she confronts the taboos that have grown up around explicit imagery by taking photos of undressing herself in front of a mirror. The experience is one of defiance, self-love and narcissistic eroticism. Turned on by her own body,... more →
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Two Feminist Porn Awards + Cinekink Honorable Mention

I’m pleased to say that I received two Feminist Porn Awards at the 10th annual FPA ceremony in Toronto on April 17. My site Bright Desire received an Honored Website award. In giving the award, the presenters said that the judges had felt the website deserved the award given the overall quality of all five of my nominated... more →
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Five Feminist Porn Award Nominations

The tenth annual Feminist Porn Awards are on the 17th April. This year I’ve received five separate nominations for my work: They are: The Fantasy Project My first feature film is inspired by Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden”. It’s about a... more →
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Perversion For (Feminist Fun And) Profit

perversion   Outstanding news reporter George Putnam leads us into a filthy world of sexual perversion and moral decay that could see the end of civilization itself. Watch and be suitably mortified by the sort of depraved and downright arousing feminist porn that is leading our young... more →
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instructedpromoimage   Synopsis Pandora Blake arrives at a hotel, planning to meet her lover, D. Instead she finds a letter with a list of erotic instructions which she must carry out in his absence, including anal play and self spanking. Pandora shot this scene without knowing what... more →
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Danse Erotique

jadeburlesque   Burlesque dancer Jade dons her best dance outfit and shimmies up a storm on stage. Her sensual movements invoke a mood of pure, confident sexuality. Her performance invites the viewer to imagine Jade nude, alone in her room with her own desire… Filmed... more →
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Their lips meet, their bodies meld, their fingers trace trails of sensation across flesh, they give in to pleasure. An erotic exploration of desire and touch. “Tactile” is a short film that aims to be visually appealing while invoking sensations of sensuality and the feel of fingers against skin. We shot this film as... more →
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The Fantasy Project – Teaser

FantasyProjectLogo1_640   Here’s a teaser trailer for my upcoming film The Fantasy Project. I’ve been planning this film since 2010 and principal photography is now finished. There’s still a bunch of editing to do but I thought I’d throw together a preview of the film. The... more →
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teasepart1_014 Lucie Bee and Ryan James are hot for each other. But just when Lucie thinks she has the upper hand, Ryan takes control – and puts on a show for her. This is erotica shot from an straight female perspective. The film includes a number of standard porn elements and re... more →
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The Male Gaze In Porn (With Commentary By Doge)

malegazevideo_boxcovers_withdoge   Note: This video is NSFW because it is discussing and critiquing adult material, using censored examples (and ridiculous noises). An illustration of how straight porn often caters to an assumed male audience. With commentary by Doge and bonus sound effects. The 8 ways porn... more →
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‘Dear Jiz’ Wins Best Experimental Short At Cinekink NY!

Cinekink New York is an erotic film festival that has been going for eleven years and tonight the audience choice and judges awards were announced. I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Dear Jiz has been jointly awarded Best Experimental Short at this year’s festival (the other winner is Trains by Paul Deeb). The biggest... more →
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  Gala Vanting is transported, physically and sexually, to a place of freedom, finding joy in her own body and a sense of autonomy thanks to her trusty campervan. We often feel a kinship with our cars and this film looks at the relationship that one woman has with hers, a connection that is almost sexual in nature. A sunny... more →
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What He Left Behind

Synopsis In a house now emptied of her ex-lover’s possessions, a woman finds his satin underwear under the couch. The boxer shorts become a focus for her feelings about the breakup and – thanks to a handy pair of scissors – a means of sexual release. About The Film What He Left Behind seeks to combine visual sensuality... more →
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If You Were Here

  Dragon Knight misses his girlfriend who is thousands of miles away. Possessed by melancholy, he listens to his favourite music and imagines them together. This is male goth erotica for women. The film evokes a sombre and emotional mood, combining sensuality with dark longing. The full short film is available at Bright Desire The... more →
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