Winner: Feminist Porn Award Honorable Mention, 2013


Connections celebrates all that’s great about sex: passion, laughter, teasing, giving, receiving, & experiencing real pleasure. It’s about the connection that happens between two people when they have good, hot, fun, joyful sex.
Connections contains three vignettes starring real-life couples along with post scene interviews.

Aeryn and Theo: I.M. In Love – Instant messaging leads to happy sex between this nerdy pair with lots of oral and intense orgasms

Leah and Mal: A New Adventure – A husband and wife enjoy the glory of simple touch before making love together.

Kara and Devon: Dirty Weekend Away – This cute couple enjoy a romantic night at a swish hotel, sharing wine, massage and loud, hot, very orgasmic sex.

About The Film

This film offers three separate heterosexual sex scenes, all featuring real-life Australian couples having sex as they would at home. This means we get to witness a strong sense of connection and chemistry during each scene, along with plenty of laughter. The women enjoy real orgasms and the guys ejaculate internally. Each scene has a short setup sequence to set the mood and capture something of the personality of each couple but the scenes themselves were spontaneous and not directed in any way. The scenes are followed by interviews where each couple discusses their relationship and sex lives.

Meet The Couples

Aeryn and Theo
Aeryn Walker is an Australian adult star and sex worker. She runs her own themed site at Her partner Theodore Dalton is an IT geek, gamer, porn performer and sex worker from Melbourne. The couple regularly shoot together for Aeryn’s site.

Leah and Mal
This married couple make their first ever porn appearance on Connections. I contacted Leah via a nude modelling site and she was keen to do the shoot with her husband as a new kind of sexual adventure.

Kara and Devon
Kara Dasha is a zoology student from Melbourne who also regularly works as an adult model for sites like Girls Out West. Her boyfriend Devon is a DJ and student. He had never performed in an adult film before his scene in Connections.

Real Couples, Realistic Sex

The majority of straight porn often follows a tight script with regards to position changes, oral sex, camera angles and ejaculation scenes. The performers have often only met hours beforehand and this can result in relatively uninspiring sex. Rarely do we get to see the kind of things that makes sex so wonderful: playfulness and laughter, negotiation, personal knowledge about a partner’s sexual needs or a sense of intimacy.

Connections seeks to depict those moments during sex when we truly connect with another human being. This is the kind of sex enjoyed in bedrooms the world over; passionate and eager, beautiful and unadorned, easily switching between playfulness and intensity. There’s kissing and cuddling, sex toys and lube. There’s a slow build up of tension amid the giving and receiving of pleasure. There are real female orgasms and unhurried male climaxes.

Standard straight porn relegates this kind of sex to the “amateur” niche and the label is synonymous with bad production values. I wanted to create a more “professional” film and thus I’ve used two cameras, shot from multiple angles and edited the scenes together so that the action never becomes repetitive or boring. I’ve also created small introductory vignettes that create an emotional lead-in for each couple’s sex scene. These are by turns comedic, sensual and romantic; examples of the type of “foreplay” that can precede good sex.

Thanks to the repressive legal situation in Australia, there is almost no representation of everyday straight sexuality in this country, beyond the standard porn tropes. This film is a step toward changing that.

This is the kind of porn I want to see. I can empathise with these couples and put myself into the scene. There’s no negativity on show here, only joy. For me, this film represents authentic “couples porn”.

-Ms. Naughty

Connections does not have a distributor as yet. All scenes and interviews are available online at Bright Desire.