A Few More Awards

I haven’t filmed much lately but my two older films “Linger” and “I Am Lucie Bee” have appeared at a few festivals. I’m please to say that a shortened, 6 minute version of “Linger” won two awards at the EBX Briefs Short Film Festival in San Francisco in February. It won Best Orgasm and Most Likely To Make You Want To Fuck. This is the second time I’ve received these awards from Briefs, the previous occasion being for Trinity in 2017.

“I Am Lucie Bee” screened at Cinekink in New York and took home an Honorable Mention in April 2019.

Thanks to both festivals for showing my work.

My film “See Me” was also included in Lina Bembe’s showcase of feminist porn at the London Porn Film Festival in late April 2019.