Step right up folks! Don’t be shy! Put the coins in the slot of this fabulous contraption and be prepared for a stunning visual extravaganza. Thrill! as the Kaleidogasm creates astonishing images of flesh! Gasp! at the surreal eroticism of it all! Groan! at the mysterious feeling in your pants!

About The Film

Kaleidogasm is a flippant short film that distorts footage of masturbation and sex via mirroring to create weird and wonderful images. The accompanying music creates an unhinged carnival atmosphere. The end result is surreal, erotic and a little disturbing.

This is only a very short, fun film. Running time is 1:59 minutes

The film appears at Bright Desire

Official Selection: Good Vibrations Quickies Short Film Festival, 26 October 2012, San Francisco
Official Selection: Hard Liquor and Porn Festival, November 2012
Official Selection: Cinekink New York, February 2013
Official Selection: Cinekink Melbourne, October 2013


I’ve made a number of sequels to Kaleidogasm, all of which appear at Bright Desire. Here’s the third one: