I Am Lucie Bee

Geek. Artist. Sex Worker. Porn Star. And sick of your bullshit.

Sex worker, artist and geek Lucie Bee invites us into her bedroom and shows off her cosplay outfits, her comics, her sex toys and her real self.

About The Film
Lucie Bee is a well-known Australian sex worker, porn star, gamer, geek and artist. This experimental and erotic documentary gives a brief glimpse of Lucie’s world, one that mixes sex and sexuality with cosplay, popular culture, gaming and social activism. Lucie talks about her passions and the things that make her angry – including the stigma surrounding sex work and ongoing legal persecution of sex work around the world. The film offers a mix of documentary style interviews, a spoken word poem and an explicit masturbation scene.

The short film is an edited version of the scene cut down for viewing at festivals.

I Am Lucie Bee appears at BrightDesire.com


Format: Shot in HD, PAL 16:9 ratio

Running time: 12:41 minutes (shorter version – 6:11 minutes)

Berlin Porn Film Festival 2019
I Am Lucie Bee official selection
October 2019

Seattle Erotic Cinema Society 2019
I Am Lucie Bee official selection
September 2019

Cinekink New York 2019
I Am Lucie Bee official selection
April 2019
Honorable Best Mention – I Am Lucie Bee