Until very recently Livia Vye had never taken a nude photo of herself. In this, her first erotic film, she confronts the taboos that have grown up around explicit imagery by taking photos of undressing herself in front of a mirror. The experience is one of defiance, self-love and narcissistic eroticism. Turned on by her own body, Livia masturbates to orgasm.

“Created in collaboration with performer Livia, Self/ies is a tribute to the power of self-produced erotic imagery. It also makes a strong statement about body image and learning to love yourself. I’m really proud of this film.” – Ms. Naughty

Self/ies is a mix of documentary and experimental erotic film. It features a very personal voiceover by Livia exploring her feelings about her body, porn, and the stigma that currently surrounds the idea of taking nude images of yourself. The film self-referential use of mirrors and cameras invites the viewer to consider their own erotic gaze and their assumptions about the performers in porn.

The full short film is available at Bright Desire.

Festival Screenings

2015 Pornotopia Albuquerque USA
November 2015