Note:  December 2022. We’re currently not filming due to illness and the pandemic. It’s possible that we’ll return to filming in 2023 but currently don’t have any set plans for the next few months.


If you’re a guy without a partner, your chances of shooting with us are currently slim.

If you are a cinematographer/scriptwriter/film industry person looking for work I’m sorry but we’re a two-person business and we don’t have the budget to hire anyone nor the time to offer internships. We also run closed sets so please don’t ask to observe.

Indigo Lush is looking for confident, talented people to appear in upcoming projects. As a feminist-identified filmmaker, I treat all performers with respect and consider them to be vital participants in the filmmaking process.

If you are interested in appearing in an Indigo Lush project please email me: lush AT
Include the subject line: “Indigo Lush Casting Application”

Please include ALL of the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location (City, Country)
  • When you are available (weekends, evenings, weekdays)
  • Previous experience with acting, modelling or erotic filmmaking
  • Preferred partners, if any. I am particularly looking for real-life couples.
  • Why you want to be involved with Indigo Lush productions.
  • What you would be interested in performing on screen, what your boundaries are, any specific requirements.
  • Your thoughts on feminist porn

Please also include a nude photo of yourself clearly showing your face and body or refer me to previous work (photos or video) online.

I will keep all details confidential

If you are an aspiring male performer, please read this blog post before emailing me. Actually, I recommend everyone read that post.


I do not generally pair up random performers and I don’t use an agency. If you’re male, this means you will probably be asked to perform a solo scene, unless you have a partner willing to work with you.

Note: I live in Australia. Be aware that means I’m less likely to hire people from overseas.

All performers must be over 18, have valid government ID and must be aware of safe sex requirements (condoms and/or a valid test are required unless you are fluid bonded with your partner)

You don’t want to show your face
You’re worried your parents/boss/partner etc will find out you did porn
You don’t have any nude photos
You don’t want to answer all of the above questions

I recommend you watch this great video called “Porn 101” which features adult stars giving advice to those considering a career in porn. This is specific to the US adult industry but it still gives a lot of really good advice.

Another note: We are a small company, the crew is me and my husband. I don’t currently have job opportunities or internships available.

Indigo Lush Ethics and Production Rules

  • We pay up front.
  • Pay is negotiated beforehand via phone or email, not on the day.
  • Performers may decide what safe sex precautions they will use on set – either condoms/barriers, a recent test or fluid bonding.
  • Performers have the option to cancel a planned scene (preferably with advance warning to help with organization, cancelling locations etc).
  • Consent is vital on our set. What happens on set is usually decided beforehand in the weeks/days leading up to the scene. If an idea occurs on the day (and the suggestion can either be ours or the performer’s), we will discuss it before filming starts and the performer has immediate right of veto with no pressure. We will never demand you do something that hasn’t been negotiated beforehand or threaten to withhold pay.
  • We do our best to collaborate with performers and take their preferences and ideas into account when planning and filming a scene.
  • We prefer a sober set. If you need alcohol or drugs to perform, it may be better for you not to be in porn.
  • We want performers who are comfortable with their decision to perform in adult film. If you have any hesitations about your decision, we would rather you change your mind and not do the work.
  • We will do our best to treat you with courtesy and respect on set. This respect extends to your presentation in the finished product. You will never be depicted in a negative or degrading way.
  • Performers sign a waiver giving all rights to the footage to Indigo Lush. Decisions regarding filming, editing and marketing remain with the director and Indigo Lush.
  • Performers must sign a 2257 age verification form to prove they are over 18 and produce valid government ID as proof.


A more comprehensive listing of Bright Desire’s ethical porn making guidelines are here.