Pandora Blake arrives at a hotel, planning to meet her lover, D. Instead she finds a letter with a list of erotic instructions which she must carry out in his absence, including anal play and self spanking. Pandora shot this scene without knowing what the instructions from her real-life lover would be until she read the letter on film.

About The Film

Pandora Blake runs the only feminist-identified spanking site online. At the Feminist Porn Awards in she collaborated with Ms. Naughty on a solo scene, the first “hardcore” one that Pandora had performed. Keen to involve her absent dominant lover, Pandora suggested the idea of a secret letter, one that would allow D. to dominate and spank her from afar. Pandora didn’t know what she would do in the scene until the cameras rolled and she read her instructions. The result is an intensely erotic and sensual explicit fetish film, one that captures the intensity of Pandora’s D/s relationship, even with one partner absent.

Official Selection:
2014 Berlin Porn Film Festival
2014 Pornotopia Albuquerque
2015 British Fetish Film Festival
2015 Cinekink NY
2015 Pop Porn Film Festival Brazil


It appears at Bright Desire and Dreams Of Spanking