I.M. In Love

What Are You Wearing?


Aeryn and Theo are a couple of Dungeon and Dragon-loving nerds with a fondness for their computers. One afternoon they connect with each other via instant messaging (I.M.) and it’s not long until the conversation takes a distinctly erotic turn. The sexual tension grows to fever pitch but not all is as it seems. And the goblins are freaked.

About The Film

Cybersex is often portrayed in the media as a dangerous activity and yet it’s something in which many couples happily engage. Technology helps bridge distances and keeps the passion alive. I.M. In Love is a playful look at instant messaging and cybersex within the context of a loving relationship. It also depicts sex as a fun activity filled with laughter and intimacy.

I.M. In Love stars Aeryn Walker and Theodore Dalton, two young adult stars from Australia with a real interest in Dungeons and Dragons, among other nerdy things. Aeryn’s site is at naughtynerdy.com

The film is part of a larger scene starring Aeryn and Theo in Connections: Real Couples, Joyful Sex

Official Selection: 2012 Cinekink Film Festival, New York

The trailer: