The Thought Of Her – Short Film

Note: This is the page for the short film. For info on the Feminist Porn Awards 2012 Nominated feature, go here.

I can’t stop thinking about her…


A journey into one man’s erotic imagination. A celebration of the male body from a female perspective.

A man indulges in a few moments of solo pleasure. As he strokes his cock, we hear his inner monologue. We share his thoughts about a woman, the images he conjures and the longing he feels.

The pleasure builds to a crescendo and we witness his orgasm, just as he pictures hers.

The thought of her is what drives him to seek this pleasure.

About The Film

The Thought Of Her is a short film that glories in the male body during the act of self-pleasure. Going beyond the porn’s rather simplistic depictions of male masturbation, the film aims to give a more wholistic view of the experience, depicting how sexual pleasure envelops every part of the body. Via a monologue, The Thought Of Her also delves into the thoughts of fantasies behind masturbation.

The film stars Adam, an Australian male model and student who expressed a desire to engage in making a more positive vision of erotica, especially for women.

The Thought Of Her has been made for a straight female audience. It appears at Bright Desire

The Thought Of Her screened at the 2011 Berlin Porn Film Festival.

The trailer:



You can see the full version of “The Thought of Her” at Bright Desire plus more footage of Adam including interviews.


Press kit available on the Press page