The Thought Of Her – Feature

Nominated for a Feminist Porn Award 2012!


Four men individually indulge in a quiet moment of solo pleasure. As each man strokes his cock, we hear his inner monologue. We share his thoughts about a woman, the images he conjures and the longing he feels.

The pleasure builds to a crescendo and we witness his orgasm, the culmination of his inner fantasy.

The thought of her is what drives him to seek this pleasure.

Official Selection: Berlin Porn Film Festival 2012

About The Film

The Thought Of Her seeks to provide a more intimate and meaningful portrayal of male masturbation by focusing on the thoughts and fantasies of each man, delivered via an arousing voiceover. It also seeks to depict a more rounded vision of the male body during the act of self-pleasure. The erotic scenes are followed by interviews that reveal more about the tastes and personality of each guy. They also give their opinion on feminist porn, showing that men too share a vision for a better and more inclusive kind of erotica.

The Thought of Her DVD is an extension of the short film of the same name which played to packed audiences at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2011. The scene featuring Jes was shot in Berlin the day after the festival ended.

All the scenes from “The Thought of Her DVD” are online at Bright Desire plus more footage including interviews and bloopers.

The full movie is also available at Pink Label TV and screening regularly on Dusk TV in the Netherlands