“Sometimes in a relationship you need to shake things up a bit.”

A couple invite a third partner into their bed for an afternoon of experimentation. They share playful, intimate and intense moments in a bisexual threesome – but not everything is as it seems.

This erotic short film plays with gender norms and assumptions about race and sexuality. It’s also rather explicit and very arousing.

Starring: Parker Marx, Lina Bembe, Rooster X Ray
Director: Ms. Naughty

Screenings and awards:
EBX Briefs San Francisco Feb 2017 – Merit awards: Best Orgasm and Most Likely To Make You Want To Fuck
Cinekink NY March 2017 – Honorable Mention
Toronto International Porn Festival 2017 – Sexiest Short

Le Fete Du Slip Lausanne 2018
Trinity official selection
May 2018

Fish and Chips Film Festival 2018
Trinity official selection
January 2018

Porny Days Festival Zurich 2017
Trinity official selection
November 2017

Berlin Porn Film Festival 2017
Trinity official selection
October 2017

London Porn Film Festival 2017
Trinity official selection
April 2017