Dear Jiz


Genderqueer porn star Jiz Lee runs a bath in an old-fashioned claw-foot tub. As they* relax in the warm water, the voices of their many fans echo in their head, lauding the porn Jiz makes and the influence they’ve had on changing minds about gender and sexuality. Finally, Jiz moves under the flow of the water and has an intense orgasm as the voices ebb and flow.

About The Film

Dear Jiz is part of my ongoing erotic voiceover series. For this project Jiz suggested reading fan emails and combining them with their favourite way to orgasm. This short film, created in Toronto after the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards, reveals just how much Jiz has become a role model within the queer community and beyond, showing others the beauty of being genderqueer and championing a different kind of sexuality. Part of the film was shot using an iPhone in a ziploc bag.

Winner, Best Experimental Short, Cinekink New York 2014

Official Selection Berlin Porn Film Festival 2013

Official Selection MIX NYC Film Festival 2014

Official Selection Tilde Transgender Film Festival  Melbourne 2014

The film appears on the site Bright Desire

* They and their are Jiz’s preferred pronouns




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