In Development

Bright Desire is a new site featuring all the erotic films of Ms. Naughty in one place. It operates as a membership site offering streaming and downloadable videos along with erotic fiction, photography and columns. The site launched in December 2012. Ms. Naughty is currently producing new videos for the site on an ongoing basis.


Indigo Lush is planning production of an erotic feature film to be produced in late 2013.

“The Garden” (working title) explores a number of real female fantasies, depicted in vignettes within an overarching storyline. The scenarios range from romantic-relationship based sex through to relatively unusual, bisexual and group scenes that break taboos. The film will step away from standard porn setups and techniques and will offer viewers a psychological, fantastic vibe. The focus will be on realistic sex with special attention paid to genuine female pleasure.

Casting is taking place right now.

Contact lush AT indigolush DOT com if you are interested in assisting with the development of this film. State where you are from as location is an important factor.